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The advantages of frameless balcony window
Finzone10  frameless balcony window first set of beam design, installation can easily adjust the gap between the window of the balcony rail and no longer need to adjust the wheel group. 
Finzone10  frameless balcony window the whole cast made ​​of stainless steel wheel set shaft, can withstand 900 * 3000 10 mm oversized glass. 
Finzone10  frameless balcony window using the most advanced spherical bearings, 3000 at 900 * 10 mm large sash, can still be achieved easily moved. 
Finzone10  frameless balcony window is no longer made ​​of nylon rope, but instead have a transparent PC as an open bar lock. 
Finzone10  frameless balcony window with embedded low-beam design, when used as a partition, hidden under the rail can be installed, no stumbling.